Ski Season

No, we won’t be flying to Switzerland for skiing. It would be morally wrong to continue supporting this dishonest economy. They pretend a climate conscious tourism model. In ski resorts cars are banned and they have these electric taxis that move luggage and people around. We were fooled by that. But go there in summer. Cows all over the slopes. We were shocked! Climate conscious on the surface but behind the scenes methane emission en masse. 

We challenged their major on this. He mumbled something about organic farming and tradition, I think. Only when you talk to them in summer you realize how poor their English is. If you take a closer look, it becomes even more disgusting how they celebrate their methane based economy of past days. The local butcher sells local meat specialties and their grocer sell dozens of cheese varieties. It’s fascinating how they can make you not notice all of this in winter. They even manage to put a positive spin on cheese fondue which makes you totally forget about the damage cheese making does to the climate.

This model has no future. Their tradition will go down the drain together with all the ski slopes if they don’t join to stop climate change. We don’t want to help keeping their model alive by spending our money with them. Luckily, we resisted the temptation to buy a property there. No, we’re eagerly looking forward to flying to Utah for skiing this winter.

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