The Nihilator

I dreamt I found a Nihilator. It had the form and size of those small laser pointers that geeks use when they do presentations. It also had a small little button. If you pointed the Nihilator at a person and pressed the button the person would dissolve into nothing. No noise, no smoke, no splattering, no nothing – just gone. I don’t know why but it wouldn’t work with other objects just with people.

So I was queuing to board my airplane and there was this girl – dressed up like hell – walking up to a middle aged guy several yards ahead of me. She was saying something to the guy that I could not hear and he let her join him in the queue. Like if to reward him she would now giggle politely about almost every word he said. That was the first time I made use of my new Nihilator.

Or the other day I was waiting at a traffic light with my car waiting for the light to turn green when a guy in a yellow Ferrari pulled up next to me. While waiting he would occasionally let his engine roar. It was quite funny to see his Ferrari doing a little jump as the clutch was suddenly released because of him having been hit by the invisible beam of my Nihilator. I felt great! Finally I had a device that allowed me to shape the world.

I knew something was terribly wrong, though, when that guy in black suit, white shirt, black tie and dark sunglasses (yes, he looked surprisingly similar to agent Smith in that Matrix movie) suddly was standing in front of me. He was stretching out his palm indicating he wanted to have the Nihilator.

It was clear there was no point of making resistance so I handed the Nihilator over to him. He took another small device out of his pocket and plugged the Nihilator into that device. He was briefly glancing at what looked like the display of the device and then started to shake his head. And I heard him saying: “Bad job my friend. You didn’t make good use of your Nihilator.”

“The guy and this girl in the queue didn’t brake any rule. The truth is, you envied the guy because you know you would never have a girl like her walking up to you in a queue. Neither did the guy in the Ferrari do something wrong, except that he was driving a car you know you could never afford. It seems obvious to me that you misused the Nihilator and you shall get your rightful punishment. Once you wake up you will be again a bell captain at the St. Pierre’s.”

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