Sister Act

Dear Sister, I can not understand how you can stay home on a Friday night while others go out to have fun. You say you don’t feel like going out because you feel self-conscious and because nobody pays attention to your presence. Let me tell you this – there is nothing easier to fix than this just start wearing high heels. Believe me there is no better way to make guys stop, turn around and look – actually stare – at you. I think people in general underestimate the power of high heels. Only, don’t go for heels below 5 inch. Initially this might feel a bit awkward and you might not know where to look when they stare at you. If that’s the case just wear dark sunglasses. It is assuring to know that nobody can see what you are looking at. You can look the guys directly back into their faces or look down to the floor nobody will notice. And a last thing. These seconds during which guys halt to look at you are critical. You must by all means appear cool. This is easiest done if you smoke. A cigarette is a small thing but you can still hold to it. It gives your fingers a place to rest and thus keeps from scratching your nose or biting your nails. See you next Friday. Love, Sally!

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