Bubble Kids

These kids have been playing the same round of Monopoly for a week now. Normally they would play for a few hours until one or two of them went bankrupt. What would follow would be mutual accusations of cheating and claims that the game was not fair. Then it would take a week or more until they would play again.

This time, however, they have altered the rules. It seems they have considered the lending standards by the bank being too restrictive. So they started to lend to each others. First they agreed to mortgage houses not just property. Then they increased the amount that could be borrowed for the same collateral and finally they allowed for delayed payments. The creditor just needed to keep track of the debt burdens of the other players.

At the current state of the game one of the players owns all the property. But this does not represent the majority of her wealth. The total amount of delayed payment that the other players owe to her is at least 10 times the value of all the property. But they still play happily the same round of Monopoly. They figured that like this they would not face these painful weeks without Monopoly after each round. Kids are amazing!

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